Federal State Unitary Enterprise ‘Goszagransobstvennost’

of the Business Administration of the President of Russian Federation

3 Maly Kazyonny lane, Moscow, 105064

+7 (495) 531-0700


  • management of residential and non-residential real property abroad;
  • lease of housing and utility and socio-cultural federal property units abroad;
  • design, construction, reconstruction, repairs and operation of administrative, public, residential, production and non-production buildings and other federal property units abroad and on the territory of the Russian Federation, fulfilling at the same time the functions of customer, designer, contractor and operating organization;
  • intermediary services in purchase and sale and in renting (leasing) of residential and non-residential real property;
  • marketing of the real property market condition, provision of information on optimum investment of funds in federal property units on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad;
  • consulting on the issues of commercial activity, finances and management in the field of construction and operation of real property units;
  • foreign economic activity including commercial, financial and trade relations with the participation of Russian and foreign partners;
  • all forms of organized leisure for citizens including services in the field of tourism, hotel industry, catering including transport and medical services and sightseeing.



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